Friday, March 5, 2010

RSA Data Security Conference at the Moscone Convention Center

I have spent most of this week March 2-5 at the RSA Data Security Conference.

Wow what an eye opener. I am sure of one thing, even in this economy, there is a lot of money in data security. Either being a good guy or a bad guy. Seems that even if you are not skilled in technology you can hire people to do this.

It is no longer the case the people hack into large systems just to cause trouble. Now the target companies, governments and now individuals. That is right, so make sure you don't piss off the wrong person.

I've been told that the Russians are really good at breaking in and the Chinese are very good at identifying the valuable data, and the list goes on.

In understanding the problem, one has to understand how these hackers break in, so now I'm on the list of people you should not piss off! LOL

The highlight of the conference was the booth that had hired a world champion sumo wrestler.

Yes, that is me wrestling the champion sumo wrestler, no I'm not wearing the traditional garb and no I did not win. My shoulder is still sore!