Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Great Day in Great America

So my friend Francisca (Cisca) came to visit for about a week from L.A. along with her baby boy Jason Alexander Ramos whom I believe I am his Godmother. It's a weird little story. Any who, we went to Great America this past Sunday and it was awesome! We met Spongebob and I rode upside down rollercoasters and they rocked my socks! Cisca and I have been friends since about third grade and we met in church and we really started hanging out in junior high and got even closer in high school. I trusted her with the whole rollercoaster thing and she knows what I can and can't handle and she doesn't pressure me to ride any thing I don't like. I love her lots and here are some pictures from a totally awesome day!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We Had Fun Today!

If you were not in Fresno you missed the fun. We cut down a tree and we still have more to go. Jake had his first day of Soccer practice. He had a lot of fun. This is a Jake and Daddy kind of thing. I just sit back and watch the fun. What made this day great is the weather, only 104 and humid. Well, I got a little older today and may be a little wiser (will see).

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

new phone and number

hey you guys i have a new number it's (510) 221-8494 okay bye!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Vacation 2007

After we finished a full day with Susan and Jake, he hit the road again and drove another two miles to Buttonwillow. Next morning, we didn't get up all that early. We had breakfast at the Union76 truck-stop. It was good and filling. Next we drove over the Grapevine and down to Laguna Beach. Because we drove the extra two hours the night before, we missed all the traffic as we passed through Los Angeles. Thank goodness for Diamond lanes. We used them a lot during our vacation.

We checked into the Inn at Laguna beach which is adjacent to the main beach. It is simply beautiful. Since I knew the General Manager and we are friends, there was a lovely bottle of chilled white wine and a box of chocolate cherries.

Since we had not had lunch, we tried one of Rachel Ray's $40 a day suggestions and went to the Shake Shack just before Newport Beach. I had a date shake, Carmen and Ceci had a pineapple shake, Lila had vanilla. Ceci thought she had a vanilla shake till she got to the bottom. Ceci and Lila had chili dogs, Carmen and I had Tri-tip sandwiches. Everything was delicious.

We enjoyed the pool and the beach. The town was very busy. Lila and I ready Harry Potter books. That night we tried another of Rachel's restaurants, the Sun Dried Tomato cafe. The food was great. I had Filet (Beef) tacos with blueberry relish. What a wonderful combination.

The next day, Breakfast was complimentary at the hotel. Ceci and Carmen went shopping and we tried a third Rachel Ray restaurant for lunch. This one was not our cup of tea. It was a vegiterian sandwich shop and we were really not aware of that till it was too late. Anyway, two out of three isn't bad.

That afternoon, we took Lila to Francisca, a childhood friend's house. We took her and her baby out to dinner and Lila spent the night.

Next day, we had a leisurely breakfast, packed and drove north. We picked up Lila and Continued north to San Luis Obispo, where we checked into the Sands. This is a lovely property which is owned by our long time friends the Norris family. That evening, my brother Bob and his girl friend Reva met us at the hotel. Susi Norris, her Hubby and the kids joined us and we all went to the Farmers Market. I still think this is the greatest Farmers Market ever. I even wore my Farmers Market T-Shirt. By the way, did I mention the Farmers Market? We had some great BBQ, I bought some artichokes and some kettle-corn. It sure was crowded.

The next day we got to together for breakfast with a former employee who is still doing some testing for us. We had breakfast at the Apple Farm. What a breakfast. I had a great hash. With my biscuit and blueberry jam ... oh my! Jennifer was accompanied by her husband and twin daughters. They are so cute.

This time Lila and Carmen went shopping. Hey, everyone went shopping but me! That does not seem fair at all. That same day, Ceci and Carmen got a pedicure. Notice a pattern here?

That afternoon, we went to Bob and Reva's place in Morro Bay. They have a lovely house. We went out to the Morro (Rock), saw lots of pelicans, other birds, sea lions and even otters. Again some shopping ... sheesh, will it ever end? Ceci got a sweatshirt with a hood. We had dinner at a small local restaurant. The food was fantastic. After we retired to Bob and Reva's for a fantastic watermelon desert that Reva made.

After Bob played us some music, we headed back to the hotel. Next morning we went swimming with the Noris's. Even got to see the dad, Jess Norris, or as the little ones call him "Grandpa". After that we hit the road and drove home. It was good to be back home. I think I need to go shopping. Wonder if there is any money left

Saturday, August 11, 2007

more pictures

family vacation

hey you guys i'm sure my dad will post the details of our trip but here are the pictures!

Monday, August 6, 2007

The Bears Droped In!

The Ed Bear family just dropped in for a visit and a little pizza, at Jake's house in Fresno on their way South. Jake is happy to see them along with his mommy(SUSAN). Hope everyone is having a fun Summer! Enjoy!