Friday, August 12, 2011

Bob and Reva's Wedding

My brother Bob has had the same girlfriend for twenty years. They have been living together for most of this time. After these years, they decided to get married. They honored me by letting me officiate their wedding ceremony. I'm not a minister or anything, but in California, a couple can petition for a one time license allowing a friend of family member to perform the wedding.

The paperwork was not moving fast enough. I received a call from the San Luis Obipso court. They informed me that there would not be enough time to finish everything, but I could go into the court and get sworn in immediately. They said they were open the Friday before the wedding, but I decided to drive down the day before with my wife Carmen. We left early in the morning and drove straight to the court house. I figured it didn't make any sense to tell Bob and Reva. It would just stress them out. I would take care of it.

Carmen stayed with the car and I went in. I raised my right hand and swore to protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic. It was very exciting, I thought that any moment they would give me a helmet and a rifle. Then I had to swear to protect and defend the constitution of the state of California as well. I was ready. If anyone tried to overturn Prop. 13, I would whack them over the head. It is interesting that the swearing in ceremony really had nothing to do with marriage.

We checked into our beautiful hotel, the Best Western Royal Oak. Our room was great. That evening we enjoyed the San Luis Obispo (SLO) Farmer's Market. The best Farmer's Market that I know of. It takes place in the evening. They shut off several blocks in the downtown. It is much more than a Farmer's Market. It is a huge party, complete with Barbecue, Live Music and more. We bought lots of fruits and vegetables. More than would fit in my backpack. Our eldest daughter asked us to get some Kettle Corn, so we got a big bag of it. For dinner, Carmen enjoyed a Tri-tip sandwich and I had 2 beef ribs. We both shared an ear of grilled corn and a dessert to die for. It was a chocolate brownie, with strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. We were stuffed!

The next morning, Friday, we woke up to beautiful weather. We had breakfast in downtown SLO at McClintocks. This place is an institution. We were joined by our very good friend of many years, Susie Norris. We chatted catching up and before you knew it, it was time for her to go.

We headed back to our hotel and enjoyed the hot tub. Next was lunch time, which meant that we were going visit our friend Jennifer in Templeton. We brought the fixins for strawberry short cake. Jennifer was ready with a delicious lunch of homemade tomato soup and garlic cheese bread that was to die for. I should mention that she has two of the cutest 6 year old twins you could imagine and they kept us entertained the entire time.

As we approached early evening, it was time to get ready for the wedding rehearsal and dinner. While Bob and Reva live in a lovely house in Morro Bay, they have rented a beautiful ranch for the wedding located in Los Osos. This is fitting, since our last name is Bear and Los Osos is Spanish for the Bears.

Our eldest daughter has rode down with my youngest sister Becky and my Dad. Lila is in charge of the music. Our youngest daughter Ceci had to stay home because she has classes all day Saturday, and she took care of Carmen's Parents who are 91 and 83.

Reva is working so hard to pull off the perfect wedding. Our two families come together for dinner after the rehearsal for the first time We get along perfect. Reva's best friend, Katie has hire a wonderful Mariachi Band, and we all enjoy the music thought the evening. We have a fantastic time. The families have become one.

Next morning we get up bright and early to help prepare for the wedding. Reva is like a little tornado working so hard. It is time for Carmen and I to get ready for the wedding, so we head back to our hotel room to shower and change.

As I am getting dressed, my cell phone rings. It is my cousin Mary. She asks if I am around the family. I tell her no, the only person here is Carmen. She pleads with me not to tell the family, that she does not want them to worry. I assure her I won't and she tells me that they have been in a car accident. The car is totaled. I ask where is she, she tells me the name of the hospital, but does not know the name of the town. I look up on my phone and sure enough the hospital is in Templeton, same exit that we used to visit our friend Jennifer.

I drop off Carmen at the ranch, and head up to Templeton. I have Carmen tell everyone that their car has broken down and that I have gone to pick them up. The wedding is supposed to be at 4pm, it is now after 3pm.

At the hospital, I find the only person that is unhurt is my aunt Joyce. She was sitting in the back of the VW Van with her seat belt on. My uncle Puzz was the first to be release. He has cracked ribs and a knot on his forehead the size of a baseball. Both of his elbows are bandaged. I check on my two cousins, Mary and Christine. The doctors are still working on them, so my aunt suggests that we go to the vehicle and get their belongings.

Fortunately, the VW Van is only about five minutes away, but you never realize how much stuff you have in a vehicle until you have to take it all out. We head back to the hospital. The doctors finish sewing up the forehead of Mary. Christine looks like she is in rough shape. She is laying in bed in the fetal position. She has cracked ribs as well. The doctors give her a shot of some sort of pain killer. It must be some amazing stuff, because before I know it, she is walking and later that night would be dancing!

We head back to the wedding. They have a room booked in Morro Bay. We get to the junction. Left is the wedding, right is their hotel. They are all in a lot of pain. The slightest bump in the road causes my uncle to moan. He is 85 years old. They choose the wedding. To me this is the greatest complement that anyone could pay to Bob and Reva.

The wedding starts 2 hours late, but then again it could not start without me, could it? It is a beautiful wedding. Katie's daughter sings so beautifully. It could not have been more perfect. Everyone has a great time and it is all over way too soon.

My cousin Hank was not traveling with his family. He came down by himself. He gets his family back to Sacramento.

Bob and Reva, we love you very much and wish you a long and prosperous marriage.