Friday, May 21, 2010

Mom Has Bees

I'm at work yesterday and just after 4:00pm dad calls. He said that the police called him because the alarm at my mom's home went off. He called and there was no answer.

I collect my things and get in my 1968 VW Bug and drove to her house. Two thoughts kept going through my mind. One was I hope she is okay and the second was I hope this more than 40 year old car makes it!

I arrive at mom's house. She is inside with a friend of hers. She explains that the bees were all around her, she panicked and went out the back sliding glass door without turning off the alarm, so it naturally it went off. After she was able to collect herself, she called the police to let them know and so they never actually showed up at the house.

Sure enough there are bees all over the kitchen and living room. Turns out they went down the chimney. Apparently this has happened before and they had the chimney blocked off. That means we can not start a fire to get rid of them.

I'm wondering why my mom is still in the house with all of the bees. While I'm looking through the yellow pages for "Bee Removal", she decides to get a drink of water. The bees decided they wanted the water and she got stung. At this point I insisted that she get out of the house.

Her friend takes her to In N Out for hamburgers and I call the Bee Remove guy. He shows up, checks out the inside, then goes up on the roof and confirms that they are getting into the chimney. Turns out that while it was blocked off, the chimney is old and there are gaps in the mortar and the bees are getting in through the gaps.

He vacuums most of the bees out of the house and we do our best to block the fireplace with some screening. You can actually hear the bees buzzing pretty loudly. If the bees don't leave on there own in a couple of days, then we will bring the Bee guy back. It won't be cheap.