Monday, July 12, 2010

Boy Scout Reunion

For my dad's birthday, I gave him a trip to Southern California to attend a Boy Scout reunion. I was in Las Vegas for a conference committee meeting. I drove down to Ontario and met with my friend Cyndi Riggle who is starting a Company called Sunshine Hospitality. Did I mention that I hate country music?

I was scheduled to pick up Cobos at 3:15, but her son Ben called to offer to pick her up. Next thing you know, Ben is in a meeting, so I went to pick up Cobos, her daughter and grandson. To my surprise, I picked up a Hillbilly!

Yes, that is right she lost her front tooth. This is the second time I have had a close friend lose their tooth. Cobos insisted I mention this.

My dad flew in at 6:30 and we headed over to Pinnacle Peaks to have dinner with a few friends.

Imagine the shock and surprise when the evil Judy Dahle came over and cut off the brand new ties that my dad and I were wearing and then hung them up on the wall for all to see our shame!

The next day we headed over to the Fisher's house for a reunion of the families that were in Boy Scout Troop 477. Our troop was called the "Eagle Machine". It isn't that us kids were anything special, it was that we had so many parents that cared and got involved. It really made a great difference in our lives.

The Fishers are such wonderful hosts. Besides the Fishers, there was their son Gerry and his kids, Mrs Johnson and her friend, the Browers, Tom Sargent, Tom Creasy my dad and myself. It had been over 33 years since we had been together. These are some pretty special people.

Later that night, some of us from COHS got together at the Black Watch Pub in Upland. It was great until the music started. Next time we meet at the pizza parlor! I don't actually have any pictures of this event, so consider the following a reenactment. Oh look, there is Melinda and Gary! You see a reenactment is just like the real thing.

The next morning we drove out to have breakfast with my brother Dave at Jerry's in Studio City. Breakfast was great, but my brother's radiator hose wore out and my dad lost his credit card. Other than that it was perfect!

It was a great trip, but I am really glad to be home!