Saturday, September 8, 2007

Email from Carlos

hola tio

how are you doing?

i'm doing pretty good, but sometimes my mouth is getting me in trouble... ,
i'm supossed to start baking pretty soon or at least that is what they are
telling me and i don't know if i should belive them or not because they keep
switching my schedule and instead of baking i end up cooking.

i got good news for you...
they gave me the day for my interview on dallas, is october 5th, but when i
did my paperwork they never gave me the questions i'm supossed to study, but
i'll take care of it tomorrow, and then i'll start studiyng for the test and
who knows i might be able to become a citizen before my enlistment is over.
i get to test for Staff sergeant next year around march or may, but if i
deploy i'll be testing out of cicle, so there is a lot on my mind right now

i'm also taking kickboxing classes on the gym tuesdays and thrusdays, and
working out 5 days a week for at least 2 hours and right now i feel that my
arms are going to fall off.

take care


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