Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Grandmas Birthday

Saturday January 26th, we celebrated Grandma's (Laura) 70th birthday, which was (January 23rd). Bob had to work the weekend, so he came up during the week and spent the day with Grandma on her actual birthday, which was nice.

Dave was not able to attend due to a new film he is working on with Ultimate fighters.

Charlie and Teresa were not able to attend as they had caught the flu that had been going around. Despite all that, there were plenty of people including six friends of grandma that we met for the first time. There would have been a seventh, but one was also out sick with the flu.

Ed proposed a toast and mentioned that now grandma is 70, she is officially old. It was pointed out that grandma has been using the "I'm old excuse" since she was in her 30's, grandpa confirmed that she had used this excuse in her 20's and there are rumors in Mass, were she grew up that this excuse was first use when she was in the third grade.

Everyone had a great time. There were a number of presents including a trip back east to see the leaves turn and visit friends and family. It was grandma's day. Happy birthday! I can't wait till we do this again in 70 years.

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