Sunday, April 26, 2009

broken foot

so tuesday april 21, 2009 i dropped my parents (carmen & ed) off at the airport for washington d.c. wednesday april 22,2009 at 5pm i broke my foot. here are the pics of the cast, it's hot pink with bright green hearts on it. i got to use the go cart in the super market which was cool. i did a few laps around frozen foods while my friend jackie looked for some items. people are really great and i thank god for sending me my angels. the cast should be coming off after four weeks which will be one day before my graduation. by the way, i won't have tickets for everyone to attend so i do apologize if i don't have enough. i'm working on putting together a little party or something to celebrate so that every one can attend. i'll keep you all posted. hope everyone is well. take care and god bless. =)

love, lila

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