Monday, May 4, 2009

Carem, Ed and Van Morrison

Carmen and Ed won two tickets to see Van Morrison perform at the Greek Theater at the UC Berkeley Campus.

I got a call on my cell phone last week. The lady told me I just won two tickets to see Van Morrison, but I couldn't tell what radio station she had said she was with. I am sure glad we were not live on the air and that she didn't ask me what my favorite radio station was.

The concert was Sunday evening. We had never been to the Greek Theater before. I got their early enough to avoid paying $20.00 for parking. Much of the seating is on concrete. Luckily Visa was handing out foam pads for anyone with a Visa Signature card, which I just happened to have. Turns out, we had real seats, but the cushions were a plus. In fact, we were in the third row and no one was in the second row in front of us.

There really are no bad seats at the Greek Theater. The concert was wonderful. After all, it was free, we were in the third row and Carmen enjoyed it, which is what is most important!

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