Saturday, October 31, 2009

Visiting My Friends from Charter Oak High School

I’m back home safe and sound. I had a fantastic time visiting my classmates from COHS. It is amazing how strong those childhood bonds are. These people go beyond friends, they are an extension of my family. When we get together, everyone has so much to contribute.

Judy was amazing sacrificing so much of her weekend and doing all that driving. Visiting Gary Dahle and his wife in their house was really special. It was great to see how much we have in common. I am not the only one that has rain barrels, or grows fruits and vegetables, makes jam and does canning.

It is hard to think about visiting people from COHS without seeing Deann (Call) Lent. She has done so much for our class that Judy and I think she should be declared COHS, class mom of 1978. She was so kind to make time for us out of her busy schedule. We really enjoyed visiting her and her husband.

Then it was off to attend Tom Lindquist’s party. I had not seen Tom in over 31 years. That alone made the trip worth while. We had a great time chatting and meeting Tom’s sisters, who thank God, do not look like him. They are pretty!

The next morning I spent with Dave Talley, and all I will say is that I was honored that he included me. He continues to inspire others by living his life in a way that provides a proper example. He talks the talk, but he also walks the walk.

When we returned, Dave was kind enough to bring me to into his house. He has an amazing house, which he built. His family is great and makes one feel so welcome. All I can say is that may God bless Dave Talley and his family.

We had a glitch in our lunch plans. The restaurant that we had selected did something that many restaurants are now doing because of the tough economic times. They stopped serving lunch. Our lunch was scheduled to start at 12:30pm and I arrived a bit early to make sure everything went well and sure enough the sign said “New Business House 4-10pm”. We were out of luck.

Judy went and found a round table about a block away with plenty of tables. We called everyone we had cell phone numbers for, put a message on my board on Facebook and put a sign up on the door, explaining where we were and giving my cell phone number.

We had a great turnout. Judy Zeiter, Craig Schaeffer, his wife and daughter, Dave Talley, his wife, son and daughter, Melinda Race, Eric Schubel, Gary Dahle, Diana “Cobos” Campbell and myself. These are some of the people that I grew up with. Together we became the people that we would become. Our ties are very strong and they are an extension of my family. I love all these guys.

I am back home, safe and sound. I am happy to be in my own house and with family. I look forward to next Friday when my wife and I will drive back down to southern California so that I can participate in the COHS alumni water polo event. Sometimes I wished I lived down there so I could be with these wonderful people more often.

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