Sunday, April 4, 2010

Condeleezza Rice

Monday, Carmen and I got tickets to see and interview of of Condeleezza Rice followed by a recital with Condi playing piano and Denise Young singing.

I hate George Bush, but did not know how I felt about Condeleezza Rice. I went in with an open mind. This was a fund raiser for "Friends of Faith". Condi talked about her childhood in Selma Alabama, her life in Denver Colorado and a bit about her time in the Bush Administration; but the focus was on her mothers battle with breast cancer. She read an excerpt from her book which will be coming out this year.

Condi has no desire to be in politics. She works with the Boys and Girls Club of America.

She then played piano while Denise Young sang. Condi will be touring with Aretha Franklin. I think that is pretty cool.

I still don't know much about her political views, but I do admire what I heard.

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