Monday, August 9, 2010

Jimmy Vanessa - Hero!

That is right! I'm talking about Jimmy Vanessa, Class Clown of Charter Oak High School class of 1978. I went to school with Jimmy Vanessa from first grade all the way through high school. There are times when I think the reason we graduated was because they needed our desk for someone else.

Jimmy and I were in Little League Baseball together. His dad was our coach. The first year was the Delaplane Truckers. Worst team ever. The following year was as Savage Mazada where somehow be became a much better team. Jimmy would go on to eventually play AAA ball.

So how does any of this make Jimmy a Super Hero? It doesn't. Fast forward 30 plus years. My wife and I are having breakfast with Jimmy and his dad. Interesting that Jimmy doesn't have to work on a Wednesday morning. Why? Because he is on Holiday. Turns out that Jimmy has been suspended by his employer "Stater Brothers". Why? No official word has been given.

On the day that Jimmy was suspended he was driving his rig when there was a terrible accident. He used his rig to keep people from driving into the accident and as requested by the Highway Patrol he helped direct traffic.

I'm thinking to myself, Stater Brothers would naturally want to take pride in their employee of 18 years. They would want to brag about him, give him a plaque, donate $50,000.00 to his favorite charity, but no. As the old saying goes "No Good Deed Will Go Unpunished". Jimmy made the newspapers, CNN, ABC ...etc. Instead of good press for Stater Brothers, they are getting just the opposite. Jimmy has been suspended and as a loyal friend, you won't see my shopping at Stater Brothers while Jimmy is suspended. How about you?

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Unknown said...

No shopping at Stater Bros for me either. I always knew Jim was a great guy. Stater Bros needs to lift the suspension and give him a public appology.