Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Phone

I am not one of those people that buys a new phone every year.  I don't like buying new phones, computers or cars, but every so often, it becomes necessary.  I used to have a HTC EVO 4G.  I got mine the very first day it came out.  In fact, I was the second customer in the store the day they went on sale. At the time, the EVO 4G was the most powerful phone out there.  It had a huge screen and was the only one that had 4G.  One major flaw with the phone, is that the battery was the same batter that HTC had used in all of it's phones.  This was ridiculous.  This powerful phone, using so much more electricity than any model they had ever produce before had the same battery.  Running out of battery half way through the day was a daily event.  I finally got on Amazon and found an after market battery that had twice the capacity.

With smartphones and computers, after a couple of years, you really feel their age and it was time to get a new phone.  I had become so frustrated with my EVO 4G.  Naturally, I looked at what else HTC, had.  The HTC One.  Made out of steel, is something I like.  I really use my phones and they take a beating, but what I did not like, is that the screen size was almost the same as what I was already useing.  Then I found out something that made me sick.  They changed the design so that you could not replace the battery, nor could you add memory.  The two key reasons why I did not buy an iPhone.

Google, bought the cell phone portion of Motorola and they are coming out with a phone, but again, the screen was not very big.  I really love Google and Motorola and American companies, but I'm old, my eye sight is not great and I need a bigger screen.

I have noticed that Samsung, seems to really be on the cutting edge of smartphones these days.  The one thing I don't like is that their phones are made of plastic.  I got down to the Galaxy 4s and the Note 2.  I loved all of the extra neat things in the 4s, but the screen size of the Note 2, solved my problem.  I purchased a extra tough case and insurance that fixes my phone anytime it gets damaged 

Getting all of my apps and data has proven to be a lot easier than I had feared.  So, the honeymoon is on.  I love my Note2!

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pollyanna said...

I hate transferring everything over from an old computer. We just bought new computers and now we have MS 8. OMG! Talk about hell.

I have the same problem with my HTC, running out of battery half through the day. I have to keep it plugged into the car or it will just die on me. Need a new phone...*sigh*