Friday, June 22, 2007

Father's Day

Most of the family met at Ed's House for Father's day, but we did miss David and his family as well as Susan and her family. It was great that Boby was able to make the trip with Riva.

This year as always we celebrated Grandpa's birthday (June 21st) together with Fathers Day. It was Grandpa's turn to get his version of the Hummel Monks. His dad was a railroad yardmaster and had a Railroad Watch. After he past away, Grandpa kept his fathers watch. Somehow over the year, it got lost. Perhaps it is with the Monks?

Anyway, for his birthday he got an FOB for keys or watch and for Fathers Day, he received a Hamilton Watch from the early 40's, which figured to be as close to his dad's watch as possible. The thought was it was a way to remember his father and my father. Railroads are part of our family and have been since the 1800's. The watch had been brought in to be serviced and is in beautiful condition. Today Grandpa has the watch proudly on display at his place.

Lila gave me (Ed) the complete DVD set for the documentary named "Planet Earth". I really enjoyed that series. I think it is the finest documentary on nature I have ever seen.

For lunch we had pulled pork that was made right here in our own home made smoker.

It was a great Father's day all around.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ed, I hope every one had fun at your house on Father's day sorry I missed it but we had plans for that day already. I hope that you are felling better. Jake is slepping and I just finshed a paper for school. So I taking a few minutes to look up the family news. Hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ed, how can I put an original post on this site?