Monday, June 11, 2007

Sick, sick, sick

I (Ed) have been sick for the last two weeks with a deep chest cold. Got so bad, I was afraid of pneumonia, so I actaully went to Kaiser. Drink more water, cut out soda, even diet...etc. Still have quite a cough, but feel a bit better every day.

Last week, Lila managed get a terrible sunburn when she, her cousin Kike, Jacquie and Emily (who is with child) went to Santa Cruz. So while they had a wonderful time, including a sea lion brushing up against Kike, Lila brought back a terrible sun burn. Hopefullly her last.

We played poker Saturday night, but continued my streak of bad luck with pot limit hold'em. I'm looking forward to getting back to our No-Limit Hold'em tournements.

This past weekend, Ceci painted her roomTurquoise blue with a white ceiling. Paul, Ed and Lila put together a 315lb Armoire. What a beast that thing was! Cila is now completely moved out of the room she used to share with Ceci.

Mom (aka Grandma) came by the house on Sunday just before we started working on the house with a coffee cake. I don't think I have had her coffee cake in over 20 years. It was delicous. I need to Lila and Ceci to learn how to make it.

This coming Saturday we are going to play poker and Fathers day will be at our house at 3pm due to Carmen having to work that day.

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