Sunday, July 27, 2008

Smith Family Re-unites

There was about a five year period where was down. The ISP had been sold, and the new one wanted to charge too much money. Then for about five years, I just kept putting it off. From time to time, I was offered money for the domain by a German music company.

Today, something occurred that was very special. Dr. Bob Bear and Carol Bear contacted me about a relative on my moms side. I should be more specific, she isn't related to my mom by blood, but they grew up together and had even lived with her for a period of time as a foster child. I grew up with her as my Aunt Lee.

A member of her family happened to see some pictures on and emailed Bob and Carol, who forwarded the emails to me. I was not able to follow up on this until this morning when I called my Aunt Lee. Her number had been changed, I called the new number, but she was not in. I left a message and decided to call her son Eddie. I read him the information and he took it from there. Later in the day, Aunt Lee called, to let me know they had contacted this person and they back in touch with each other.

What a feeling of accomplishment. Thanks so much to Bob and Carol.

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