Monday, December 27, 2010

Bucket List

December 28, 2010 I turn 50 years old. Inspired by the movie with Jack Nicholson, I have decided to write my "Bucket List".

Eat lunch with Laura (Tamura) Harris and Kim (Charles) Byrnes.

Travel - Take the trans-Siberian railway. Visit Australia and Africa. In Africa visit Egypt and Kenya and go on Safari (shoot animals with camera).

Take a train to Chicago and back.

Go to the Grand Canyon with my dad.

Get my picture taken crossing Abby Lane.

Take a cruise to Alaska

Swim with dolphins

Travel the Amazon

Live off of the electrical grid.

Have my own well in the back yard.

Have an electric car.

Have a waterless urinal installed at my house.

Have a composting toilet in the Back Yard.

Pay off my house and owe no money.

Be an extra in a film.

Harvest a bison.

Grow Bananas at home.

Write a book, that is not a manual.

Perform with a band (not just singing)

Perform Standup in a Comedy Club

Buy nothing for one week and eat from the food that is stored at home.

Buy nothing for one month and eat from the food that is stored at home.

Make a significant difference in the life of a total stranger.

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Karen said...

I like your 'bucket list'. Do let us know when your stand up comedy is...think you'd be great at that.