Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Jake Ate His Tooth

Friday after school Mommy and Jake went to Round Table Pizza for Lunch. Jake had earned a free pizza from the library Summer Reading program. After Jake started eating his pizza the tooth was gone! The mommy said, hey Jake where is your tooth? Jake tried to touch his tooth but it was gone. Then he started to look on the floor and all around but he could not find it. The Mommy started to laugh and told Jake that he ate it. It's in your tummy Jake! When Jake and the Mommy got home they wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy and put it under Jake's pillow. Jake fell asleep and was up supper early on Saturday. Mommy I got one hundred dollars from the Tooth Fairy, SEE! Jake the Mommy said that's one dollar. Jake was very happy. The mommy put on the TV for Jake and went back to sleep.


lila said...

Hey JAKE! it's okay, I ate my tooth when I was eating spaghetti!

Ed Bear said...

I want $100.00 too!