Thursday, October 18, 2007

Visiting Carol in Chico

I had to go to Red Bluff to work with one of our programmers, so I called Carol to see if she would like to have dinner. After I finished my work for the day I drove up and met Carol. She took me for a short walking tour of Chico. It is especially nice in October.

There really was no choice for dinner. "Madison Bear Gardens". I could not find a website. It not only has a great name, but what a place. It is old and has a lot of character. It reminds me of Berkeley, but actually better and more spacious.

Carol and I got to talking about Green and going "Off the Grid". Don't be surprised if we had a "Green" page to the website.

We had a great time, Carol is doing very well. I checked into my hotel and drove over the Red Bluff the next morning.

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