Friday, October 26, 2007

Lina Returns Home

Lina is Home

Wednesday morning Lina was not feeling well at all. Carmen was off to work, Ceci was at school and it was decided that she needed to go to the Doctors Medical Center Hospital emergency room. It was thought that she may have had a mini stroke. The doctor observed that she had a twitching on one side of her face. They ran all sorts of tests on her heart and they all came back with good results. It really bothered me that they could not find a bed for her in the hospital until evening. She spent many, many hours in the emergency room and she is 79 years old. I was talking to my neighbor Karen and she told me that happened to her mom when she took her to the hospital as well.

The family brought her food from home, and were abruptly scolded by the nurse. So she ate the hospital food and proceeded to spend a very long night being sick.

She stayed over night and in the morning the remaining test results came in all looking good. Yesterday evening as Carmen had just signed her out she started to feel just as terrible again. So she was signed back in. This time the family brought her soup and was not going to take any lip from the nurse. That night she did not get sick. From what I can tell, they really don't have any idea why she felt so bad. I have truly lost all faith in our health care system.

This afternoon, she returned home. During that entire time, they never were able to find out what was wrong. This whole episode is shameful.

She is home and very glad to be home and we are all glad she is home as well.

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