Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Disneyland and more


What a weekend we had. I (Ed) was in Florida with Best Western and Lexington hotels. I was originally to fly back to Oakland Friday and fly down to Orange County (John Wayne) Airport. I rebooked my flight to fly from Fort Lauderdale to Orange County so that I could cut back a bit on the travel. I flew from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando, to Phoenix to Orange County. Met the rest of the family Kike (brother in law), Carolina, Enrique, Kike (nephew), Lila, Ceci and her boyfriend Jay.

We spent Saturday and Suday at Disneyland. Saturday was the world premier of the third Pirates of the Caribean movie and Disnyland closed early. We still managed to have a very good time. Kike, Carolina, Enrique and myself headed early (7:00am) over to Toontown and meet Mickey. As we exited, they gave us 12 fast passes, which was wonderful.

Unfortunately, we missed Jakes Birthday, but did pick him up a little something.

On the way back, our 9:10pm flight was delayed. This is a problem as Orange County Airport does not allow flights to take off or land after 10:00pm. At 9:30 we are all finally on the plane, but we had a problem. There was a drunk guy that was upsetting the two ladies on either side of him a lot of grief. The flight attendants spoke to the captian via a phone, they did not open the door to the cockpit. Security was brought on board. In the meantime, I offered to sit on one side of the drunk and I volunteered my brother in law to sit on the otherside and that the drunk would not be able to cause any problems. They accepted this solution, which was great. Since we had pulled away from the gate, I was concerned that the problem could not be resolved before 10:00pm and we really needed to get home.

After we arrived in Oakaland, the police had a nice chat with him and the ladies.

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