Sunday, May 6, 2007

If It wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all!


We started off to Home Depot to get supplies to work on trim for the sun room. Just as we pulled into the parking lot, my friend Gary got pulled over. It was one of the few times, I was not wearing a seat belt. The officer was a girl that appeared to be Lila's age. Gary started to get out of the truck and the officer instructed Gary to get back into the truck. Since he did that, she could not see or prove that we was not wearing a seat belt. She pulled him over cause his windshield was broken, which it has been for about 5 years. Just yesterday, he was talking about how he would get it fixed, when he got pulled over. Long story, short. He might get a fix it notice in the mail, she didn't cite him. I got cited for not wearing a seat belt.

When I got home, and we stopped for lunch, I dropped my sandwich not once, but twice. Tillie enjoyed it.

Then we thought we popped a fuse, or blew a circut. Turned out that Gary's saw died, so we had to go buy another one.

Back at the ranch, it is now 3pm and we have hardly made any progress. Gary is sitting under the pine tree. A pine cone falls a couple of feet away from him. We agree that if anything else bad happens, we will stop and try another day.

In the end, we finished the trim and had a great dinner.

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