Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sun Room is finished

Today they finished the sun room. The contractors are finally out of here. Does that mean that the room is finished? No. We still have to put in sheet rock to cover the house's siding. After that we have to install the flooring, which will be a Cherry wood laminent.

Good news for both Ceci and Lila. We were concerned when Ceci said she had some blurred vision in the eye, next to the swelling. The doctor called today to let us know that the xrays came back and all looks good and not to be worried about a bit of blurred vision as long as she doesn't get dizzy. This meant that while Ceci could not play in her softball game today, we was able to attend and support her team. Lila continues to improve, but still will not be able to go back to school until next Monday.

Yesterday, I picked up my 1968 VW bug from the mechanics. They had just rebuilt the engine. On the way home, the engine started running rough. When I stopped for gas, I had a very tough time starting the car. This morning, the owner of the shop came and towed the car back to the shop.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, Ed I think that it is good that the sun room is almost done. But I think that you and the girls have had a run of bad luck. I hope that the run is almost over.