Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day and More

Friday evening we finshed up the framing of the pass through for the kitchen. We pulled out all of the paper and tape and got the new Sun Room ready for use.

Meanwhile, Ceci's softball team beat El Cerrito. Ceci played great, scored, played defense so well that she was awarded the game ball. We are so proud of her and I am so disappointed that I could not be there to support her, but her mother was.

Lila fixed a great vodka pasta and grilled chicken skeweres. We had a poker party as our first event in the new Sun Room and every thought it looked great. I didn't have time to get a proper poker table, so we used a banquet table with a green table cloth.

That night, Lila and Jackie were the first to sleep in the Sun Room. They discovered that the neighbors chickens are very noisey, very early!

Saturday morning, Carmen and her mom went to SFO to pick up her brother Kike, his wife Carolina and their son Enrique. Meanwhile Ed, Lila and Ceci dis some last minute fix ups at the house.

We got the call from Carmen and headed over to meet them in El Cerrito. Even though they were exhausted, we all had Dim Sum in El Cerrito.

That night we set up the sofa bed and partitions in the Sun Room, where they slept.


We all got up and went to the 8:00am mass. Next, Martha, her boy friend and kids came over for breakfast. Just as soon as the wound up, noon was upon us and My mom (aka Grandma) and family showed up for lunch. We gave her a set of Hummel Monks to replace the ones she lost so many years ago when we moved from Glendora to Pleasant Hill. She was really surprised.

After they left, we got about a 45 minute nap and then Pedro and Oilin arrived. We chatted, drank, played a card game called Telefunkie and had dinner.

What a full Mother's Day. Everyone is exhausted

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