Friday, May 4, 2007

More Sun Room Fun

Well, today I worked from home. I also worked on our sun room and didn't finish until 8:00pm. They delivered the air conditioner/heater until. We were told it was going to be 2 or 3 weeks. Not only did they deliver it, but installed it too. I have never lived in a house with air conditioning, so this is very exciting. My friend Gary Cheek came over to help me with the room. To be more accurate, I am helping him. He knows construction inside and out. I know nothing about construction. Today we put up the dry wall, tape and mud. Tomorrow and Sunday, more wall and flooring.

Lila continues to recover from Chickenpox. Tonight she will sleep in her bed. That is the first time since getting them and I get to sleep in my bed, which I miss dearly. We have a nice couch, but...

Ceci seems pretty much back to normal.

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